isolate extraction systems inc.

Automated Venturi Expansion (A.V.E.)


100% Automated

Easy to use touch screen interface with true plug and play platform.

Range of Parameter Settings

Our systems offer a wide range of possible settings for perfecting your extracts.

Quick Closures

Ease of use in design and function to improve turnover and production.


Fully automated, multi-stage processing.


Designed to minimize spacial impact while maximizing results. 

Manufactured in Colorado, USA

Proudly designed and manufactured in Colorado, USA.

ETL & EPR Certified

The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards. IES systems are also certified through a third party engineering firm.


Our maintenance is preventative instead of reactive. We get there before you have issues to prevent downtime.

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Essential Oils

IES Extractors can easily concentrate or isolate valuable compounds from a wide range of botanical mediums.

Food & Beverage

Our equipment is manufacurted with the highest quality materials.

Holistics & Aromatherapy

Isolating terpinoids and other aromatics is made easy through our full automation platform.

Brewing & Hops

Isolate Extraction Systems is able to separate the essential oil, alpha acids and beta acids allowing brewers to better design and customize their beers.

Industrial Hemp

With the selectivity of CO2 you can extract what you want and leave behind what you don't.


Carbon Dioxide has found usage in botanical formulations and has even become a cleaner method of purifying omega oils.


Perfecting extracts for highest quality, all natural applications.


Carbon Dioxide has replaced methylene chloride in the swiss process because it is safer and more efficient. 

Ease of Use and Functionality

IES Laboratory

Constant development and reinvention of our systems, products, and services is our foundation.

IES continues the improvement of product efficiency, ease of operation, and reliability.


"The subcritical CO2 extraction system that we purchased from them meets and exceeds our expectations. The level of automation and the degree of specificity allows our company to not only produce the highest quality extract, but to do so in a very efficient manner."

Kelby Cross Director of Operations WonderLeaf

"From the start, Isolate Extraction Systems has put a tremendous effort into helping our team achieve its goals. They have succeeded in creating a machine that is both versatile and robust, and their team of engineers and service technicians are always available to coach our personnel and make them better operators." 

James Aureum Company

"A key parameter I looked at when deciding which system to purchase was the CAPEX per Co2 flow rate. I found that IES was the best on this metric, plus their system had additional features that made going with an IES machine a no brainer."

Sean Lafferty EVG Extracts LLC