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"We are thrilled with our ​investment in ​IES​'s CO2 extraction​ machine and the service provided by ​the team at IES. We are especially  grateful for our primary technician, Brandon, as he assisted throughout the entire installation and training and continues to respond quickly to our needs.​ The [WHT LBL] extraction lab is producing ​beautiful CO2 oil, cannabis-derived terpenes, and crystal-clear distillate, all thanks to our IES machine."

Chelsey Joseph, CEO, [WHT LBL]

"The CO2 extraction system that we purchased from them meets and exceeds our expectations. The level of automation and the degree of specificity allows our company to not only produce the highest quality extract, but to do so in a very efficient manner."

Kelby Cross Director of Operations WonderLeaf

"From the start, Isolate Extraction Systems has put a tremendous effort into helping our team achieve its goals. They have succeeded in creating a machine that is both versatile and robust, and their team of engineers and service technicians are always available to coach our personnel and make them better operators." 

James Aureum Company

"A key parameter I looked at when deciding which system to purchase was the CAPEX per Co2 flow rate. I found that IES was the best on this metric, plus their system had additional features that made going with an IES machine a no brainer."

Sean Lafferty EVG Extracts LLC

“We have been operating our IES Model CMDH.10-2x-2f extractor for just over a month now and the results have been very impressive. We have processed several different grades of biomass so far, and have seen excellent yield, quality, and consistency in the our product across the board. The attention to detail and focus on quality in terms of the manufacturing of IES equipment is  apparent. The equipment, while sophisticated, employs a high degree of automation and safeguards, meaning that operation is relatively simple to use once properly trained. I would highly recommend Isolate Extraction Systems for any size extraction facility."

-Jacob O’Farrell Vice President, Operations Bonanza Pharms

What is Supercritical CO2 Extraction?

For thousands of years, humankind has been developing different ways to interact with the plant matter in their environment. Figuring out how to tap into the inner oils trapped in plants as been something practiced for many years.  CO2 Extraction, powered by supercritical terpene extraction machines, is a method that uses CO2, pressure and temperature to extract those oils within the plant without leaving behind any dangerous solvents. CO2 Extraction allows you to able to focus on specific  molecules of the plant that you would like to extract. 

When pressure and temperature are applied to CO2, this relatively inert, non-flammable gas becomes a liquid or supercritical fluid. This supercritical or liquid CO2 is how we are able to extract different molecules from the plant matter as it is pushed through high pressure and low pressure sections on our system. As the Supercritical or liquid CO2 is temperature controlled back to its gaseous state and completely separate from the  extract, all that remains is shelf-ready, high quality oil or terpenes. 

Unlike other solvents such as benzene or alcohol, once CO2 becomes a gas, it leaves no residue, and does not change the chemical composition of the oil, making this process the  most efficient for terpene extraction equipment. The process is also relatively quick, with some machines processing up to 1000LBS a day. Supercritical CO2 extraction machines are also safe while performing the most efficient process for extraction. With a variety of  sizes, the CO2 extraction equipment can be suitable for smaller production or large facilities alike. 

Isolate Extraction Systems provides outstanding customer service as well as training on how to use machine from the manufacturers. With superior proprietary software and ease  of obtaining replacement parts, you will find that IES, Inc. builds a quality product that is deal for your supercritical CO2 extraction needs. ​Contact us​ to see how Isolate  Extraction Systems, Inc. can meet your oil extraction needs.