Super-Critical CO2 Extraction Equipment 

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Why CO2?

Carbon Dioxide as a Solvent

CO2 has solvent properties when in a liquid or super-critical states. By applying pressure and temperature, CO2 will become a liquid or super-critical fluid. This super-critical CO2 is what allows for the extraction of oils from different botanicals 

Because CO2 is a relatively inert, non-flammable gas, it does not pose many of the safety issues that other solvents (alcohols, benzene's, etc) can create. Because of the volatility of CO2, it is easy to remove from the end extract with very little thermal input. 

CO2 is:

Highly Volatile



Eco Friendly 


"We are thrilled with our ​investment in ​IES​'s CO2 extraction​ machine and the service provided by ​the team at IES. We are especially  grateful for our primary technician, Brandon, as he assisted throughout the entire installation and training and continues to respond quickly to our needs.​ The [WHT LBL] extraction lab is producing ​beautiful CO2 oil, cannabis-derived terpenes, and crystal-clear distillate, all thanks to our IES machine."

Chelsey Joseph, CEO, [WHT LBL]

"The subcritical CO2 extraction system that we purchased from them meets and exceeds our expectations. The level of automation and the degree of specificity allows our company to not only produce the highest quality extract, but to do so in a very efficient manner."

Kelby Cross Director of Operations WonderLeaf

"From the start, Isolate Extraction Systems has put a tremendous effort into helping our team achieve its goals. They have succeeded in creating a machine that is both versatile and robust, and their team of engineers and service technicians are always available to coach our personnel and make them better operators." 

James Aureum Company

"A key parameter I looked at when deciding which system to purchase was the CAPEX per Co2 flow rate. I found that IES was the best on this metric, plus their system had additional features that made going with an IES machine a no brainer."

Sean Lafferty EVG Extracts LLC