The ISO-CD line of extractors is designed for compressed gas extraction using carbon dioxide. Compressed gas extraction occurs as pressurized gas forces the solvent into the plant’s cell walls and rapidly separates the desired constituent rapidly. Carbon dioxide is an all-natural solvent that leaves no toxic residues and its extraction properties can be manipulated by slight changes in pressure and temperature.

Carbon dioxide also is Generally Recognized As Safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is chemically inert, disinfects naturally and is carbon neutral, making it an ideal solvent for essential oil extractions.

ISO-CD Features:

  • Safety: All ISO systems are constructed from the highest quality materials and engineered to eliminate unnecessary material cost. Each chamber is outfitted with automatic pressure relief valves to prevent over pressurization. Through the fully automated interface, redundant safety settings are integrated to ensure a safe working environment. Also, an additional emergency stop switch allows the operator to quickly shut down the machine should an emergency arise.
  • Ease of operation: Our all-in-one fully automated control system allows for easy, fast control and monitoring of the system’s temperature, pressure, and extraction time on both the solvent and expansion side of the system. With onboard data storage, you can easily analyze, troubleshoot, and chart efficiencies.
  • Footprint: IES skids are designed to minimize spatial impact in your processing facility. The CDM.10-1x-1f (ten liter single fraction system) has a mere 3’ x 5’ footprint. All our systems come with rolling casters allowing the operator to easily relocate the system if needed.
  • Efficiency: Each system is designed to maximize process flow to minimize extraction time based on the parameters set through our proprietary algorithms and full automation. All our systems are certified for autonomous use allowing the operator to be more productive during each extraction.
  • Special features: Replaceable stainless steel filter screens at both ends of the extraction chamber prevent plant material from escaping and contaminating the system and/or the final product. Modulating needle valves are incorporated on every system to ensure system maintains within the parameters set by the operator. IES manufactures all systems in house allowing the client to customize their system to best fit their needs.

CDM Series Product List

Model Reference Guide:


ISO-CDM: Product Series
.10: Size of the Solvent Chamber in Liters
1X: Number of Solvent Chambers on System
2F: Number of Fractions/Collections on System

Model Number

Processing Capacity (Pounds)

ISO-CDM.5-1X-1F 2.5
ISO-CDM.5-2X-1F 5
ISO-CDM.5-2X-2F 5
ISO-CDM.10-1X-1F 5
ISO-CDM.10-1X-2F 5
ISO-CDM.10-2X-1F 10
ISO-CDM.10-2X-2F 10
ISO-CDM.20-1X-1F 10
ISO-CDM.20-1X-2F 10
ISO-CDM.20-2X-1F 20
ISO-CDM.20-2X-2F 20
ISO-CDM.50-1X-1F 25
ISO-CDM.50-1X-2F 25
ISO-CDM.50-2X-1F 50
ISO-CDM.50-2X-2F 50
ISO-CDM.100-1X-1F 50
ISO-CDM.100-1X-2F 50
ISO-CDM.100-2X-1F 100
ISO-CDM.100-2X-2F 100
ISO-CDM.200-1X-1F 100
ISO-CDM.200-1X-2F 100
ISO-CDM.200-2X-1F 200
ISO-CDM.200-2X-2F 200

Single Chamber (vs.) Multiple Chamber
When deciding whether to choose a single or double solvent chamber system, each solvent chamber should be loaded to capacity to maximize efficiency. Understanding how much botanical needs to be extracted per month/week/day will be vital in choose the system that best fits your needs. Utilizing a double solvent chamber system gives the user the flexibility to load only a single chamber or both depending upon the amount of botanical needed to be processed. The IES full automation user interface allows the user to select which solvent chamber (or both) to extract from. All IES systems are certified for autonomous use.

Single Fraction (vs.) Double Fraction
Single and double fraction refers to the amount of expansion sections/collection cups built into the system. A single fraction system will have one expansion section/collection cup where final extract can be collected. The user should know which types of products/extracts that need to be created before choosing a system. IES full automation allows the user to set up to five different run parameters/stages. With a single fraction system, the user would need to be present to harvest extract between runs/stages while a multi-fraction system would automatically switch to pre-selected expansion section/collection cup. Custom builds for more than two fractions are available upon request. All IES systems are certified for autonomous use.