Frequently Asked Questions


How does oil extraction work?

In chemistry, extraction is:  A method used both commercially and in the laboratory to separate a substance from a mixture or solution.  This is usually done by flowing solvent/oil over the plant material or by steeping the plant in a solvent.  The solvent/oil solution is filtered from the plant material and distilled to isolate the extract.

Is it legal to purchase an extraction system?

Yes; however, we highly recommend taking a hazardous material safety course to ensure a safe extraction environment.  Note: Not all plant material is legal to extract.  Contact local authorities to check legal standings.

How will I learn to use your systems?

IES offers free training on all of our systems at our facility in Colorado.  For on-site training you would pay travel expenses, plus $1000 per day.

Will Isolate Extraction Systems custom design a system for me?

IES prides itself on specifically designing and providing the system that best fits your needs.  We will not include or oversell items unnecessary for the type of extraction operation you are setting up.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are all the necessary parts included when I purchase a CD machine?

Yes.  All the parts for the actual extractor are included; However, you will need to purchase ancillary equipment necessary to operate the extractor, such as air compressor and laboratory chiller.

How often should I clean the system?

We recommend that you clean the system between each product change or once a month if extracting the same product.  This can be done by flushing an empty machine with an ethanol co-solvent and releasing the full amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the system or manually cleaning the extract holding tank and second low pressure tank.

What kind of yield will I get?

The yield is directly related to the quality of material you want to extract. For average oil producing botanicals, our machines typically produce 10 percent and 14 percent yields.  With high quality material, we have seen yields upwards of 18 percent.

Do you offer Super Critical CO2 machines?

Yes.  We manufacture 2.5-liter and 5-liter super critical machines.