Founded in 2012, IES is centered around client satisfaction and service with a focus of safety and efficiency. Through customer feedback and in house testing, IES continues the improvement of product efficiency, ease of operation, and reliability. Our goal is to manufacture safe, high quality, medical grade extraction tools that are backed by expert service to ensure timely return on investment for our clients.

Our client’s success is our success. By fostering win-win relationships we can insure profitability for all.

Our office and manufacturing facility is based out of Boulder County in Colorado.  Moving production out of a 2400 square foot facility in Lafayette, CO, IES now operates, manufactures and tests equipment in a custom 15,700 square foot facility in Louisville, CO.

Constant development and reinvention of our systems, products, and services sets the foundation for keeping up with ever changing industries and customer requirements.

“Isolate Extraction Systems is providing a safe, affordable reliable solution for the extraction of botanical oils for caregivers to extract needed medicine for patients,” Kelly Knutson, General Manager of Isolate Extraction Systems. “There are a lot of archaic methods that produce inferior oils. Our goal is to replace those methods with a safe, affordable and reliable alternatives.”

After undergoing rigorous testing and a limited-release prototype evaluation, IES extractors are available to large and small-scale botanical oil extraction operations.

IES is becoming a leader in the extraction industry.  What separates us from our competitors is the quality and safety of our product and our long-term, relationships with our clients.

What also differentiates Isolate Extraction Systems from our competitors?

  • Customer service:  An IES representative works with you to find the extraction machine that fits your needs – nothing more, nothing less.  We know building a life-long client relationship means ensuring your success by providing you a machine that operates safely and securely and providing you with critical information on industry rules and regulations pertaining to essential oil, absolutes and concretes extraction.
  • Price point:  IES machines are competitively priced and we work with you to ensure you have the right machine for your enterprise, whether customized or straight out of the box.
  • Foot print:  We understand space can be an issue in a manufacturing facility or laboratory and will maximize space and flow based your specifications.
  • Fire Department:  Safety is everything.  IES prides itself on relationships we built within the fire department community to ensure we know the latest safety regulations and procedures.
  • Product quality of the product:  IES machines are made from the highest quality material, pressure rated and built to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) specifications.