Isolate Extraction Systems (IES) markets affordable technology for the botanical oil extraction industry.  Our products are designed to improve efficiency, maximize yields and increase profits for larger commercial customers and smaller boutique operators.

Isolate Extraction Systems seeks three things:

  • Be the leading player in the consumer extraction market.
  • Be the dominant force in the small-scale commercial segment.
  • Expand its goods into big-box retail outlets in the botanical and agricultural markets.

“Botanical oils have been used throughout history and we’re finding that there is a need for high quality, medical-grade extraction equipment,”  Kelly Knutson, General Manager of Isolate Extraction Systems.

Isolate Extraction Systems, a scientific development company based in Colorado, has sales and marketing ventures across the United States through third-party wholesalers.

Featured Product:

CDM.20-1x-2f extraction system
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